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hello! i'm mariel:

a creative technologist and neuroengineering undergrad at Brown University, passionately curious about brains, embodiment, and human-centered impactful systems. I believe that for the first time in history, thanks to technologies like brain-machine interfaces, we are expanding what it means to be human and are capable of driving our own evolution. I want to be a force in that revolution. 

CURRENTLY: I’m back in classes at Brown, after taking a semester off to work full-time in the Borton Lab researching neural pathways and mechanisms of pain. I’m continuing that research this semester, while also taking classes in neuroscience, visual arts, and creative technology. I'm creating a suite of arduino-based art installations/experiences that interrogate embodiment and how we interact with everyday objects. I’m making handmade books from scratch, featuring my own writing. I’m diving into experience design, voraciously learning more about human cognition/perception/consciousness/interaction, reading every book I find, making more time for serendipity, learning the drums and the violin, and meeting new people whenever I can.

More than anything else, I love to connect. Send me an email at so I can make you tea and we can talk. Find me on Medium and LinkedIn, too. 

“P.S. Do you ever wish you could breathe underwater?”