how might we marry processing and physical fabrication to create interrogative experiences and novel installations?


Subtle Machines, Modern Culture and Media production studio + seminar

Perhaps my favourite class of all time, in Subtle Machines we take a deep dive into creative technology, consolidating our processing skills using arduinos, furthering our physical fabrication skills, all while studying the world of interrogative and experiential design and creating original pieces combining all this new information.

This class allows me to take my skills and background in neuroscience, engineering, robotics, and biomimetics and apply them towards more creative, critical, and emotional ends.

Subtle Machines embodies what I want to do with the rest of my life. I am a creative technologist at heart. Who ever said art and science were separate disciplines?

Project documentation coming soon.

First project is a lantern that creates a light show to reflect users’ mood information and sensory data over spans of time.

Second project (collaborative) is intended to be a full-body-suit embedded with vibration motors, most likely coordinated to music in headphones… or something else… tbd :)