how can we create a better ambulatory EEG system to monitor and diagnose epilepsy?

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A student-run, student-lead medical technology project

With the funding and support of Jonathan Rothberg, a team of Brown University students is competing to create a novel EEG system to monitor and diagnose epilepsy in human patients. 

Thus far, we have created an initial prototype of a small, subcutaneously implantable device for three-month long recording in human patients. We have refined the surgical procedure for insertion and are working on building a complete device over the course of the next academic year. 

As the data science lead, my primary role is to spearhead efforts in data processing and interpretation. We are looking to be approved for clinical trials so we can obtain human data to process. The goal: to create a system for prediction of seizures so the patient can be notified in real-time and prepare accordingly. 

Hopefully in future, this same system could be used in implantable stimulation devices for closed-loop treatment of epilepsy.