Brown University    Neuroscience ScB ‘20.5                                                  Providence, RI
• Expected graduation December 2020
• Researcher, Borton Laboratory
• Co President, STEAM
• Leader/MC, The One Salon @Brown University
• Investment Partner, Dorm Room Fund
• Advisory Board, Women’s Empowerment @Brown Entrepreneurship
• Leader, Brown Meditation Community
• Mentor, Meiklejohn advisor to incoming freshman @Brown University
• Mentor, "Women In Science and Engineering" (WISE) @Brown University

The Newman School    International Baccalaureate Diploma                                                   Boston, MA
• 2014- grad. 2015 • National Merit Semi-finalist, National Honor Society, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Higher Maths, Physics, English, French; Standard Chemistry, World History)
• Founded F.I.R.S.T. Tech team – See “Engineering Experience”  
• Founded “Bridging the Gap” – Ran an after-school group facilitating and promoting Chinese-American cross-cultural communication through discussion and education

The British School of Boston                                                                                               Boston, MA
2002-2015 • First semester of International Baccalaureate  
• International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) – Math exam taken two years early (A*), French exam taken one year early (A*, highest score in USA)


references available upon request.

Partner at Dorm Room Fund Cambridge, MA • October 2018 – present        
• Investment partner on Boston team • Source and invest in student-run startups • $6+ million pre-seed and seed stage fund backed by First Round Capital • Portfolio of 200 companies with a combined valuation of >$1B+ from backers such as Sequoia, Y Combinator, and First Round

Curriculum Lead/Swiss Army Knife at monthly San Francisco, CA • June 2019 – present        
• Launched September 2019 • We work with top creators to produce high-quality, fully immersive, month-long learning experiences • The experiences are part online video instruction, part real-world challenges and assignments, part custom-built software, and part community •

Researcher in Borton Laboratory Brown University, RI • September 2017 – present      
• Independent project question: How do spinal circuits involved in sensory integration drive cortical circuits necessary for perception? {I study spinal and cortical pathways of pain in mice. Turns out, we know very little about how pain works, and especially little about how it is processed in our brains after it has travelled up our spines. Turns out, also, that our spines are far more complicated than we thought!}

Co-President, STEAM       Brown University, RI • February 2018 - present
• Proposing, creating and leading student-driven collaborative projects at the fluid, dynamic intersections of the arts and sciences • Projects include Subtle Bodies, and working on creating a system that uses EEG signals to generate music and light. I am also preparing a talk for STEAM that I'll be giving at the Better World by Design Conference • "Subtle Bodies" - The goals: to create a suite of AR/VR experiences that present the user with a radical shift in perspective, leaving them questioning embodiment, consciousness and the senses - The project: out-of-body experiences, social interactions, meditative immersions, vibration suits, otherworldly visuals.

Winner, Neurodatathon       Brown University, RI • November 2017
• Using Python-driven ML, developed a metric for feature selection of significant behaviours from black-box data

Research technician in Lauder Laboratory       Harvard University, MA • June 2014 – August 2016
• First-authored paper “Performance variation due to stiffness in a tuna-inspired flexible foil model” (Rosic et. al., Bioinspiration and Biomimetics) • Conducted research on biomimetics/biomechanics of fish locomotion; investigated the effects of tuna tail stiffness on thrust • Modelled biomimetic tails; swam fish tail foil models in a recirculating flume; collected data later analysed in Python and MATLAB • Collaborated on and assisted with graduate work in biomimetic sharkskin hydrodynamics, fluid pressure fields around swimming fish, and pneumatically actuated soft robotic fins • Presented research at Office of Naval Research MURI meetings (March 2016)

F.I.R.S.T. Tech Team       British School 2013-2014; Newman School 2014-2015
• Designed and machined robotic components, user interfaces and controls for regional robotics competitions • Collaborated with a small, diverse group of students without any external mentorship; lead efforts to recruit more young women and freshmen onto the team

NASA-MIT ICED CCC Challenge       Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA • Summer 2012
• Collaborated with a selected group of approx. 30 high-school students to design a habitat for Mars as part of an on-going programme lead by Dr. Charles Camarda (NASA) • Prototyped and modelled the entire habitat, including specific designs for hydroponic, air filtration and waste removal systems • Focused on overcoming challenges such as: low-temperature conditions, dust storms, and limited energy and resources • Brought problem-solving and prototyping skills learned back to school and gathered a group of students to continue the process; maintained connections with mentor MIT and NASA professionals as well as student participants from other schools


PROGRAMMING MATLAB, Python    CAD SolidWorks    DIGITAL Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
RESEARCH Data collection and processing, cross-disciplinary collaboration/communication, research presentation, technical writing, electrophysiology, rodent surgery, immunohistochemistry
LANGUAGES English, Croatian, French, Spanish, Italian   
OTHER Debate and public speaking, emotional intelligence training, Model United Nations, prototyping
MENTORING Selected as a peer advisor to five freshmen concentrating in STEM fields, as well as one young woman in engineering through Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) at Brown. Few things give me more joy than seeing my mentees explore their passions, learn from their failures, and ultimately grow and succeed. The relationship between mentors and mentees is electric and sacred, and I love it.

Deep+frontier tech, Russian short stories, spontaneous travel, poetry by Hafiz and Neruda, jazz piano, impactful human-centred tech, investigative journalism, life-long learning & self-teaching, meditation, mental models, hiking, entrepreneurship, the axial age, artificial intelligence, percussion, AR/VR, music composition, documentary film, questionable modern art, tennis, antiquarian book collecting, skiing

Interests and Hobbies