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I was born in the USA to immigrant parents who inspired in me at a very young age an insatiable curiosity, a love for books and learning, and a passion for exploration. 

I am now 21, and while I no longer dissect insects in my backyard, I still have an overactive imagination and a child-like sense of awe and wonder at the world. I love the way buildings cut across a bright blue sky and the way ants march in lines that seem to vibrate.

I find it so weird to be physically embodied. 

I believe in radical empathy and open-mindedness.

I believe in constantly seeking new experiences to expose myself to as many different perspectives as possible.

I believe in learning as many languages as you possibly can.

I believe nothing is more beautiful or sacred than the space shared between people.

I believe in always asking questions, and in lifelong learning.

Against all odds, I believe in humanity.

And I refuse to compromise on wellbeing. 


Websites are boring. Real people are fun. Want to collaborate?
Shoot me an email, I'd love to meet up.